Baltimore County
African American Cultural Festival

September 16, 2017

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Branding - Inspire, Produce & Preserve

The festival continues to be the incubator for ushering change and diversity within the artistic, historical and cultural hub of Baltimore County. With more than 19 years of experience the festival has become nationally known for its ability to design and cultivate programs that speak to the fortitude, creativity and multiplicity of African Americans in Baltimore County. It is the festival’s primary thrust to inspire, produce and preserve the history and culture of African Americans in the county.


Our Expertise

  • ►Producers of the largest and most diverse one-day cultural festival in the Baltimore-Washington corridor  that attracts approximately 5,000 attendees from Maryland and surrounding states.

  • ►Securers of highly sought-after entertainers, educators, historians, entrepreneurs, artists, and other top-notch notables that offer insight into the cultural experiences and traditions of Baltimore County’s African American legacy.

  • ►Known as staunch educational advocates of scholastic achievement, artistic creativity and visionary brilliance among youth who seek higher educational aspirations.  Our scholarships are earmarked annually for competitive candidates who are seniors in the Baltimore County School System.

  • ►Positioned as technological and interactive disseminators of health and wellness information, financial and career planning and entrepreneurial training.

  • ►Hailed as a premier coalition-builder of faith-based and educational institutions, community activists, residents, businesses, civic and public service organizations, as well as, youth development agencies.

  • ►Architects of bridging the arts with financial endorsements from diverse corporate entities.

  • ►Competitive press partners for exposing cultural and historical events to the public at large.


Key Capabilities

►Preservers of African American history in Baltimore County, MD

►Visionaries for creating promotional opportunities for businesses that support the arts

►Leaders in developing, designing and coordinating a virtual financial and career planning center

►Sponsors of the Health & Wellness, Education & Financial Empowerment Villages