Baltimore County
African American Cultural Festival

September 16, 2017

Historical Preservation


The Board researches historical treasures in Baltimore County in need of preservation. Efforts are made to restore and/or preserve the items or bring attention to historical landmarks.

Funds are used to restore buildings; excavate historic sites; publish books, pamphlets and other written material of history for various communities in Baltimore County to share this history with the public.

Commemorating the 150TH Anniversary of the ending of the Civil War Honoring the 400+ African American Slaves & Freed Slaves from Baltimore County who served faithfully in the Civil War

In September 2015 Historical Committee Chairman, Louis Diggs, guided a bus tour to various historical African American communities and churches where many of these former slaves resided and were laid to rest.

In the Historical Area of the festival, Chairman Louis S. Diggs and his committee share historical information about the African American heroes of the Civil War including the battles they fought in; the conditions they had to serve in; and the overall hardships they had to endure, which in some cases were worst than when they were slaves.

Mr. Diggs recently published his tenth book on African American life and experiences in Baltimore County. The book is titled: “African Americans From Baltimore County Who Served in the Civil War: Maryland’s Six Regiments of Slaves.”