Sponsor Our Festival

The Baltimore County African American Cultural Festival is your vehicle to expand your market in 2022. You will be able to reach 5,000 – 10,000 consumers face to face and hundreds of thousands through traditional channels and our extensive digital marketing campaign.

Snapshot of Festival Attendees

  • Age: 25 – 60 years old
  • Geographics: Attendees reside in Baltimore County (210,000 African Americans), Baltimore City (388,000 African Americans), and surrounding counties
  • Income: Single & Dual-Headed families with incomes of $50,000 and above
  • Upwardly mobile consumers with purchasing power
  • Homeownership: 19.6% African American homeowners in Greater Baltimore metro area
  • Households with children: A significant number of attendees have minor children (under 18 years old) or grand-children
  • Mode of Transportation: 85% of festival attendees get there by car; 15% by public
  • Festival Loyalty: 60% of attendees have visited the BCAACF more than once
  • Hobbies: Travels more than two times a year
We invite you to become a partner-sponsor of the Festival and join our efforts to increase awareness and cultural sensitivity in the Baltimore County area. With your generosity and commitment as a sponsor, together we can provide an engaging experience of history, empowerment, and new opportunities for our festival attendees and distribute college scholarships to deserving Baltimore County high school students.

2022 Sponsorship Package

Our festival offers a number of sponsorship opportunities. Each sponsorship level is designed to target specific consumer markets and maximize your experience as a sponsor-partner. Fill out the form below to download the 2022 Baltimore County African American Cultural Festival Sponsorship Package.